The Fast fashion industry is one of the dirtiest and most unjust industries there is in the world. This is why the heart of our business are Second-hand and Vintage clothes, which we want to give a chance to be worn and loved as long as possible to make the material and hard work behind each item worth the energy that was put into it.

Therefore, our clothes come from a recycling company that collects textile trash from all over Europe. ‘Textile Trash’ meaning clothes that are still more than good enough to be worn for multiple years, but that people just wanted to get rid of. They are getting sorted, cleaned, and organized into bags and eventually come to our warehouse. Here they are being unpacked, sorted, sourced, and steamed again to be finally ready to be shot, titled, measured, and uploaded to our Website to be found and loved by a new owner.

We are currently working on a project to make this process as transparent as possible. To give better insights for the future.

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